Craft your purpose!


” There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave, There are souls that are pure and true, Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you”- Madeline Bridges

A couple of months ago this crafted soul inspired me to think about my food. Every animal you kill and eat has a soul. But you already knew that right? Yet you still eat a lot if not too much meat, you even don’t need to consume. But hey I won’t judge, it’s what you live for. When I started to think about the reason I eat certain food, I began to search for the reason of every action I took.’ Cause the urge to be pure was enormous.

I wanted to be pure, no distractions, just directions.. from the beats arranged by nature. Like a stranger calling through her words she tought me to never get lost in a lonely place if you’re in your own lifetime. Without hesitating I layed my trust in her eyes.

A friend asked me to write again, because the blogs I wrote 2 years ago inspired her. She wanted me to write about someone I look up to. Well, the person above is none other than my idol if it comes to positive vibrations. Just a ray from her shining aura can be infectious. Her smile, her voice and even her thoughts can tackle your grasp. She sees the world within herself. Never experienced anything oustide herself. So she was the one who always determined what should happen to her and her whole experience in life just rushed through the streams into her life. Just pull on that rope of life and steer your course in the purpose you want to believe in.

So i’m a bit rusty as you can see by my writings above, but cheers to my inspiration: Kimberlee Ramirez. Love you fam and keep spraying nothing but love on us!


Don’t try to run away…


If I only had money I would travel, if I only had a talent I would create, if I only knew the right people, if I only…

I am still in search of the true purpose of my life but I am refusing the idea of sitting still, doing nothing (unless I meditate) and waiting for the right thing to happen. No matter where I am I try to use everything I have, connect with people, create, improve myself by meditating, reading, writing, listening, designing, planning and visualising.

Constant dissatisfaction

When I wasn’t obsessed with the past, I worried about the future, about all the worst case scenarios that could happen to me, my family and friends. I worried about my health, business and many more things humans worry about.

Running away from the present moment is impossible and won’t solve your problems, the only way to solve these problems is to embrace the present moment and accept whatever happens. You need to find inner peace with yourself and stop running from matter where you go, Europe, Africa, Asia or anywhere else, your problems will follow.

The cure

Simply identify what makes you sad, angry, stressful, painful, fearful and accept it. After you accept it you will feel an instant relief. Once you welcome the world the way it is you stop suffering.

If you keep changing jobs, feeling sad for no reason, your relationships are ending the same way keeping you broken hearted don’t blame other people, it’s all within you.

“Everyone is trying to find the right person, but nobody is trying to be the right person.” — Unknown

Review your habits. Recall how you treat people not only externally like listening, talking, hugging, smiling but what you do internally. Do you care about them? Do you have negative thoughts that are never told? Do you have secret wishes you never share?

Practice mindfulness

Stop running from your problems and the present moment. Become more mindful of the thing you do right now. An easy hack to do something mindfully is to do it slowly and bring your awareness to it. If you’re having a cup of coffee now, repeat to yourself “I am drinking, drinking, drinking”, this little hack I learned from the Thai monk will help you to become more aware.

To break the habit of worrying about the past or the future take a small step at a time and accept the present moment. Adopt the hack I mentioned to become more mindful and don’t overthink how much time it will take to get rid of the bad habit.

Just breathe

The past is over and the future is just a thought in your head. You are never fully here because you are always busy trying to get elsewhere.

I often catch myself waiting for a trip. I keep thinking about it, I imagine all the things I’ll do. Once I get to my destination I keep staring at my smartphone and talking to people I left at home. My body is in a new place but my thoughts are stuck at home.

Once I get back home, I start reminiscing the trip, I have regrets of not experiencing it fully. I have been there, done that and I keep doing it. But understanding what is wrong with it helps me to improve and put my phone aside and immerse myself in the present moment. Whether it’s seeing a mountain or a scenic ocean view, breathing slowly and telling myself, “Tomas, now you see this ocean, you feel the breeze, the chill, the power of mother nature, you feel the connection with the earth, you breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out”.

Focus on the present. Force yourself to come back from wandering in your thoughts about the past and the future and focus on the thing in front of you happening right now.

Don’t try to run away from the present moment.

How to stop feeling like a failure

sad-alone-girl-wallpaperI really wonder what’s going on in people’s heads.

Especially in young people’s heads.

One of the most asked questions online is How do I stop feeling like a failure. OrI’m 20-something years old and feel like I haven’t achieved anything in my life.

What the hell? How could anyone have achieved anything in their twenties?And why would anyone even want to achieve success in their twenties?

Your twenties are there to gain experiences. And not to collect trophies.

It’s hard to collect trophies. Just getting one lousy trophy takes most of us an entire lifetime. Some people only get their trophy once they’re dead.

Still, these kinds of questions are all over the place.

If you go on Quora and check out the category Life or anything similar you will find hundreds of similar questions. So I guess this might be a real problem of teenagers or young adults these days.

And it’s crazy. When I look back at my own life, I barely knew what I’d do the next day. Or the next week. Or the next month. Or the next year. I didn’t know anything.

All I knew back then was that I had to get one foot in front of the other.

Heck, I still don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow..

And sometimes this meant to go one step forward and then you go out drinking with friends, wake up the next moment and don’t remember anything. Congratulations. I just went back one hundred steps.

That’s how my twenties were basically like. But it didn’t matter.

All that mattered was that I kept going. That I never stopped going. One foot in front of the other. Baby steps.

Until at one point I had a piece of paper that showed everyone that I was able to pass tests.

And then the next step followed. And then the next. And then the next. And one of these next steps turned into the article you’re reading right now.

The accumulation of these baby steps turned me into some sort of writer. But I never knew exactly what that next step would be. I was just making one step after another.

I never made ten steps at the same time. Always one small step. Until these small steps added up to what you’re reading right now.

Did I achieve anything in my life, yet? No, I’m just making one step after the other. And see what happens next.

I guess a really big advantage I had back then was that there was no success porn out there. I didn’t know any successful people back then. Now my niece who is only 10 years old knows who Elon Musk is. And who Steve Jobs was.

No wonder that we all feel like failures. We’re constantly exposed to a hand full of people who made it big. Really, really, really big.

And through social media, the Internet and everything else these folks and their success is way more accessible than it ever was before.

Sure, there were loads of successful people a few decades or even centuries ago. They were just not so accessible back then. They didn’t feel so close. You didn’t read about them all the time.

Back then Julius Caesar wouldn’t send you a tweet. You couldn’t follow Napoleon on Facebook. Or take a look at Gandhi’s Instagram account.

There was no real connection. And no one was talking about them. Everyone was busy minding their own business. Everyone was busy making sure their families survived.

Today we all make sure that we don’t miss the new series on Netflix. We have more time than we ever had before. You reading this piece is the best example..

And the more time you have, the more you’ll look at what your neighbor has. And the more jealous you’ll get. And the more you’ll feel like a failure..

It’s your time

Dear young Andy,

I’m writing to you from the future.

I know this is a little weird, but it’s the only way I could get a message through to you – and know that you got it… 😉

It’s 2026.

… which should be just about 10 years out from when you get this message.

I know that you’ve done a LOT in your life so far…

And I want to tell you that there’s something much bigger in store for you in the not-too-distant-future

The problem is that there are a few things you MUST learn in order for it to be a reality.



Well, there’s no easy way to tell you this…


Here goes nothing:

If you don’t make a change in the next couple of weeks, the future that I live in…..

The one I’m writing to you from?……

It won’t exist.

Not at all.

If things keep going the way they are right now – it’s going to get harder and harder for you to keep making progress…

You’re going to start to wonder if business should be this hard…

And at some point not too far from now…

you may even consider giving up…

Andy, there are some BIG things in store for you – but in order to accomplish them, you’re going to face your worst fears…

You’re going to go up against obstacles that you’ve never imagined…

You MUST persevere.

You MUST stay focused.

And you MUST keep moving forward every day toward your goal – your vision – your DESTINY!

I know you’re going to be tremendously successful IF you can do that.

If you always remember WHY you’re doing this to begin with…

Remember this the next time you ask yourself “Who amI to do this?”….

The next time you ask “Who am I to create a make a living helping people?“…

The next time you hesitate to really play full out..

Andy, it’s your time…

Great success & impact await you.

If only you have the courage to step forward and grasp what I’ve left behind for you.

See you in 10 years.

It’s going to be incredible.

I hope you make it – for our (and everyone’s) sake.

Blue skies,


Where is my blessing?

Recently, I decided not to be so active anymore from social media. For those who really know me know that it’s a miracle, because I used to post 100 times a day. I decided to get in touch with myself and come back to add value with my orsence on Social Media. Everyone has it going on these days! While it gives me great joy to see my friends and associates so happy and blessed, it can also be a bit depressing. Now I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves or our situations to other people’s, but social media gives us a huge platform to do just that. It’s so hard not to compare when the only things people post about are good things. We will post about our big promotion, but won’t tell you about how we struggled to find a job. We are quick to post our new bundle of joy when they’re not even an hour old yet, but we won’t tell you about the miscarriages that came before. After all, those things are a part of our testimony too. With all of that being said, here’s mine:

Even after all of the good things that have happened to me this past year, I’m still not in a perfect position. Despite what seems like a permanent smile on my face, I still struggle with things daily. I don’t have my dream job and am still struggling with my health. Not to mention, I’m now 30 years old with no wife, no kids, and no concrete plans for the future, but I’m still blessed. That’s why I decided to take a break from it all to know what really makes me happy. If you’re reading this, I just want you to know that if you feel overwhelmed and you’re facing some difficult times, you’re not alone. When you look on Facebook and everyone is happy and everyone is getting blessed, but you, remember that it’s mostly a façade.

We all have tests before our testimonies, and sometimes, we have a pop quiz right after. It’s ok. It’s not just you. If you’re wondering where your blessing is, just stay faithful and keep pressing on. God has one for you too.

Strong souls

I grew up looking up to a strong woman in my life. She could face any trouble, every glass and punches thrown at her. My mother was able to walk through the last of deep sorrows. When you have the strength to rie up each day after a beating in a dark well, there is nothing you can’t fight against. Believe me. through my youth I have been teaching myself how to treat women right, beause I know how it’s like when you treat them wrong. I have been surrounded by strong women since then with different stories and different battles. A very close friend came into my life, being fierce and able to push through any storm. Because she had the power to stand strong against the wind that will be blown out somehow. The beauty I couldfind in those sorrows made me admire these breed of strong women. You know there was a time where I used to judge them. Because I thought that they were to easy to fall for sweet lullabies sung by sore losers. That they were so weak thosemelodies made them wake up from the worst nightmares. But as I became wiser to understand that pain I could appreciate such kind of love. Recently I met a woman of the same kind. She has been hurt and slaughtered by the sharpest knives men can be. But her strength to rise up from the death of troubles made her an example for her daughter. It’s amazing how I could fall in love with her soul without having a bite of her presence. The smell of her lessons in life led me to a dessert where the heat of positive energy gave me power to endure this beautiful day. Live every moment like it’s your last. Cherish the present and learn from the past!

On our way to Paramaribo

Nowadays, a family is simply a network of people who care for each other. It can contain hundreds or two. You can be born into one or build your own. Someone who encourages your talents, cushions your heartaches, tolerates your complaints and laughs at your jokes—or even if they laugh at your complaints and tolerate your jokes—can feel as close to a brother or sister as anyone you share DNA or a dinner table with.


Love there is no tomorrow!

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

Denis Waitley

 One year ago I wrote a blog by a very special fellow student in that time. She was and actually still is one of my inspirations, just beacause of her unique being. Unfortunately the blog from last year is not avaliable anymore, so to honour her on her birthday I’m just gonna write another blog. This time it’s gonna be a bit more difficult, because we don’t see each other anymore. The only contact we have is through Social Media. But I strongly believe in the power of Social Media and I’m gonna write this special letter based on the experiences she shared.

The quote in the very first senctence above represents Rebecca Issa. I believe that she is a very responsible person and also believes in Indepence. When I talked about her yesterday I described her as a person that is the opposite of me. While I’m making my way up to reach more in life, it’s like she has already achieved so much in life that she ust wants to go in depth right now. In search of her identity and to long for peace of her soul. Back when we were in class I know that she was always hyper and full of energy. When she had to do presentations you would never tell that she was nervous, which she sometimes was by the way. She has so much class, but can be humble at the same time. The way she sets her heart to help orphans and other people in need shows her acknowledgement of all blessings.

She recently inspired me with her trip to Lebanon. I enjoyed her adventure in a place where there are no rules. Where everyone is so warm and the food feels like love handed on a platter. Thta’s how you can recognize her characteristics too. She doesn’t live by the rules, she breaks them to make her own a bit later. She has the power to make you energetic when you’re down. It’s like she is limitless. The way her drive is set up, you can roadtrip on her vibes to unknown destinations where love is all you get.

Happy birthday Becca, the co-writer of my new book On Our Way.